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This is an example of the output (enlarged 4 times).
The faint dashed lines in the otherwise black areas are a display artifact of some sort and do not show up when printed. They do however show how the wheel is constructed in pie slices. Except that the very thin white area between the inside end of the bars and the middle margin was real. This was a bug that was not found until after the screen shot was made, this is fixed now.

  • B is the width in mm of the black segments, the bars.
  • W is the white segments.
  • R is the radius of the whole wheel, in mm.
  • C is the count, that is, just the white segments, or just the black.
    (NOTE, there are always an equal number of white and black segments.)

This next image is a shot of using GVIM to edit the postscript file, all values that need to be changed, and some that don't, can be seen in this screen shot. This is a little out of date, it changed a little to fix the above mentioned bug.
The values shown were used to make the wheel in the top screen shot.